The (un)Importance of Creative Space


The photograph above was taken at a film shoot for my Filmmaking 1 class this past Spring Semester. 

A year ago to date, I was residing in Denver, Colorado. The beautiful mountains, liberal culture, and big city living were a dream come true, especially coming from a small, conservative city in Florida. While my tiny hometown had one artwalk once a month, Denver had several art districts with individual artwalks of their own. There were a variety of events to attend, and it was possible to make a living as a freelance photographer just starting out (lived to tell the tale).

However, I made the grueling decision to move back to Florida in an effort to continue my education, and it’s come with advantages, disadvantages, and everything in-between. I’m ecstatic to be back in school but very limited with the cramped bedroom in my parent’s house that I share with their exercise equipment. For months it’s felt more like a cell to contain me in rather than the living space it was meant to be. Recently, I decided enough was enough and rearranged the room to allow much more of “me” to breathe in it. But, I realize that while space is necessary, the real limitation was not the bedroom, but my mentality. I began writing more often, blogging and discovered creative outlets that didn’t require the space say painting may need.


As a result of limiting my area, I grew. For years I stopped writing poetry, but I am writing poetry and short stories once again. I keep a journal close by at all times and use the challenging conditions to create internal headroom; to truly reflect. So on this note, I would like you to challenge yourself given your own personal circumstances, limitations, and opportunities. There is always a way to express yourself. Creativity can be provoked from the most unlikely of places, and the adaptable mind is a certain key to freedom.

Poem: Individual Worries


individual worries melt from each vulnerable,



into the night air

& I wither with them


unsung May sky is a portal

dark angel, I struggle

there is no foundation here.

we breathe in,

we exhale

dust particles live in our bellies,

ones that are swallowed whole every time

a new declaration is written


fester fester fester

nasal cavities are eroding

Failure licks my teeth

and lays her head on my stomach sideways

Poem: New Love’s Wine


drunken vineyard of new love’s wine,

what bliss you bring to fruition,

all content it outweighs

fate unveiled through grape vines, intertwined,

whispering into my bloodstream; quickening heart’s pace

when the fruits these vines bear ripen

& grow heavy stemmed,

we smile politely,

we smolder,

drinking under tender night’s gaze.

but by the first break of light,

such love is lost & condemned

hope for fate’s hidden agenda

is all that remains