The (un)Importance of Creative Space


The photograph above was taken at a film shoot for my Filmmaking 1 class this past Spring Semester. 

A year ago to date, I was residing in Denver, Colorado. The beautiful mountains, liberal culture, and big city living were a dream come true, especially coming from a small, conservative city in Florida. While my tiny hometown had one artwalk once a month, Denver had several art districts with individual artwalks of their own. There were a variety of events to attend, and it was possible to make a living as a freelance photographer just starting out (lived to tell the tale).

However, I made the grueling decision to move back to Florida in an effort to continue my education, and it’s come with advantages, disadvantages, and everything in-between. I’m ecstatic to be back in school but very limited with the cramped bedroom in my parent’s house that I share with their exercise equipment. For months it’s felt more like a cell to contain me in rather than the living space it was meant to be. Recently, I decided enough was enough and rearranged the room to allow much more of “me” to breathe in it. But, I realize that while space is necessary, the real limitation was not the bedroom, but my mentality. I began writing more often, blogging and discovered creative outlets that didn’t require the space say painting may need.


As a result of limiting my area, I grew. For years I stopped writing poetry, but I am writing poetry and short stories once again. I keep a journal close by at all times and use the challenging conditions to create internal headroom; to truly reflect. So on this note, I would like you to challenge yourself given your own personal circumstances, limitations, and opportunities. There is always a way to express yourself. Creativity can be provoked from the most unlikely of places, and the adaptable mind is a certain key to freedom.

2 Replies to “The (un)Importance of Creative Space”

  1. Hi Willow, and welcome to blogging if this is the beginning of your WordPress adventure. Your description of your bedroom at your parent’s house is a transition that all young adults go through when they go home and find their precious private space has become an extra storage room. Welcome to the inconvenience and uncertain nature of adulthood. I remember on one such trip home I found some of my belongings had been given away.

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